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I am an occupational health specialist and I started working in the state budgetary organisation OMFI which is now the Occupational Health Directorate of the National Public Health Institute (Országos Közegészségügyi Intézet - Munkahigiénés és Foglalkozás-egészségügyi Igazgatóság). I am involved in the daily work of the Occupational Pulmonology Outpatient Clinic and several "assessment of occupational disease expert groups". International co-operation tasks (like Topic Centre Consortia, NEW OSH ERA, Eurostat-EODS) were handled by me and usually I am involved in such communications. I am board member of Foglalkozás-egészségügy (quaterly journal for occupational physicians) since 2014 and assistant editor of the Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (CEJOEM)[1]. I am a delegate to the National Focal Point of EU-OSHA from 2008. I am national representative in the Occupational Medicine Section of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS-OM). From 2012 I was board member delegate to the non-governmental organisation Association for Healthier Workplaces (Egészségesebb Munkahelyek Egyesület) and from 2013 in the Hungarian Ergonomics Society (Magyar Ergonómiai Társaság), from 2016 secretary in the later. I give lectures on occupational health topics for OSH engineers and medical students at universities.
I studied at the Semmelweis Medical University (general medicine 1994-2000, occupational medicine 2001-2006). Following a two years course at Pécs Science University, I am licensed to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine. Currently I am doing PhD studies at the Safety Sciences School of Óbuda University.
Main fields of interest: ergonomics and musculoskeletal health, hepatitis B and sharps, health promotion, Workability Index and related methodologies, PIMEX, organisation of OSH and OHS
Languages spoken: Hungarian, English, French, Spanish